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Why Buying Cheap Shoes Is So Damn Expensive

If you had to rank your suit, shirt, tie, pocket square and shoes on a scale of 1 to 5 (as in 1 most important and 5 least important), what would your list look like?

Without ever laying eyes on you, I can tell you with 100% certainty whether or not you have a great sense of style. And it’s all based on how you answer this very question. Let me show you how.

As a Wardrobe Consultant/Personal Shopper, part of my job is speaking to clients about their budgets before going out on the field (more on that later).

One thing that never ceases to amaze me is how many men still think of their shoes as just a necessity, instead of the most crucial part to their outfit.

Allow me to elaborate further…

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The Top 9 Shoe Brands Under $500 (+ a FREE Resource Guide w/2 Bonus Brands)

I wrote The Top 9 Shoe Brands Under $500 because I’ve always felt that men especially in America are getting ripped off when buying shoes.

We usually pay not only for the quality (or lack thereof) but also for the name of not just the maker, but the stores who carry them as well.

This post is for the guy who’s ready to take the first step (no pun intended) into quality shoes but isn't sure where to start.

And also for those who are already spending $500 or more for shoes but aren't sure if they're overpaying. 

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The Proper Way To Dress For A Funeral

Me and a really good friend of mine were having a conversation regarding an upcoming funeral that we will both attend. When the topic of dress code came up, I told him that I’ll be wearing a Navy suit. My friend –who doesn’t yet own a proper suit– was surprised at my choice of suit color. He said that he was planning of buying and wearing a Black suit and that he heard wearing Black to a funeral is a sign of respect.

After our conversation, I really struggled on if whether or not I should write a post about it. The last thing that I want to do is come off as insensitive. But part of me also feel that my friend is not the only one who probably feels this way. And especially for someone who doesn’t own a good suit, I feel like buying a Black suit just to attend a funeral isn’t the best idea. Read more

Why You Should Start Wearing Suspenders

I started wearing suspenders a few years ago and I don’t miss belts not one little bit. I feel that they’re so dope yet so few men use them. If I had to venture out a guess, I’d say maybe 1/8 of 1% of all men wear them on a regular basis and that’s unfortunate.

Back when I was a custom clothier, I had to always ask my clients when I was taking their orders if suspender buttons should be included with the trousers. Although it was free, the answer was always no. I wasn’t wearing them either back then, so I never batted an eye. Read more